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Play Free Game OnlineAlready enough time has passed since the studio Hipster Whale showed the world its offspring – Crossy Road. The user ratings and the number of downloads of the game, that on android, that on ios, speak about the unconditional marketing victory of the developers. They were able to create what millions of gamers needed. In terms of the gameplay and the graphical part of the plagiarism is not observed, although the “flying bird” and begs for comparison.

Obstacles to the way of the characters

Pedestrian setting and uncomplicated arcade game concept. At first glance, nothing unusual. But it delays incredibly. Your task is to translate characters through various obstacles:

streams of rivers;
Other places that are caught on the way;

Of the characters, the most favorite among the players are the kitty, the chicken and the snail. There are other creatures – later we’ll talk. On how to win, even to think about is not, because the gameplay is infinite. Obstacles will never end. Even sitting all day behind the phone screen, you can not bring the pet to the finish. He necessarily “descends from the stage,” leaving pleasant memories of his progress.

Do not be sad

Free online game Crossy RoadHypothetically, the chosen character can die in many ways. He will crush, flatten, he will drown and so on. Humane finals are not provided. Unless, you can dream that the hawk that seizes the animal, which will appear, if you hesitate, take it to a wonderful country. But this is only a fantasy, because we know the reality.

We move and open new “victims”

There is no logic in the movement of obstacles: cars drive on the tracks, trains roll on rails. There are no rules, no common sense. And all for you to act carefully and carefully, on the way picking up the money needed for the lottery. In the lottery you can win new creatures. The secret characters are nice and funny. In addition to the draw, open them will help fashion or hacking. We do not advise putting a compromised client, of course, but the decision is yours. Now you know how to open characters that are not available at the beginning.

The small child will manage also

How to play Crossy RoadManagement is very simple – tapnuli on the screen and moved the character forward one division. Swipe the hero of the game in hand, move it in the right direction. Sometimes there will be commercials, for which viewing pay local currency.

Such pixel and attractive

The graphics are very much like the steep rework of Maincraft. Here, familiar and pleasant soul angular blocks, a modest coloring of the world, pixel textures. It looks great, as it is heard – the music does not lag behind the design in its quality: it creates an unforgettable atmosphere. To play Crossy Road it is possible indefinitely, and we do not repeat it – we are not talking about the features of gameplay, but about the fact that the product tightens in earnest. Down with logic and meaning – jump, jump and once again jump!


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