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Angry Bird games onlineThis is just the rare case when the characters of the game appeared first in the game, and only then was removed based on its motives cartoon, and not vice versa. Therefore, this is a real game genre, and not created artificially on a profit-making program from all possible areas of this subject.

The main script of the cartoon, as well as most of the online games of Engry Birds is based on the scenario of a collision of colorful evil birds and green pigs that destroy their eggs. This clash resulted in a full-scale war, the end of which is not visible, and the creators continue to come up with various games on this topic, although these games will not be called real military games, everything is done in a very comic manner.

In total there are about 10 species of evil birds Engry Berdz, and each of them has its unique abilities, inherent only to her. Some of them know how to explode, someone can bloat, someone flies incredibly fast, and someone is impenetrable as a wall. They are very different. Blue, yellow, red, black, orange, white and pockmarked – all the birds compete against each other and resist bad guinea pigs, competing in space, participating in wanderers, in races on Machines, fighting in fights against zombies, jointly creating and building special machines. Stele. Chuck, Jake, Jay, Bomb, Red, Matilda, Hal, Terrence, Bubbles, Tony, Ice are the main characters of the feathered army.

Free Angry Bird games online

The most famous game about Engry Birds is a game where shooting birds from a slingshot on a fortress with green mumps, you need to destroy it, destroying in passing and the pigs themselves. It is the most famous because it was the first game released by Rovio (the creator of Angry Birds) in 2009. Later, the very popular game Engry Berdz Rio, which in fact is a revision of the first part, and in which the birds want to destroy the cells with their South American counterparts, which caught the evil poachers, appeared.

It is interesting that a lot of clones were made on the slingshot by other manufacturers. For example, you can shoot cows in the village, or cores on pirate ships – the meaning of such games is the same as in the first game about birds. The idea was interesting, but now it has become ordinary.

Therefore, with the goal of changing something, Rovio released the next part of the saga – in space, where because of gravity the trajectory of the bird-shells is slightly different than on Earth. But the breakthrough did not happen. Therefore, one-fifth of Angry Birds Star Wars was completely different and deservedly received the recognition of the players.

Angry Bird games online for free

Star wars Engry Berdz – a parody of the Jedi, in which the dark side of the force are green pigs. They can shoot from lasers, throw light swords, all the characters have prototypes from a real fantastic saga, and the place of action is the planet from it and the star of death. A large number of new heroes and new opportunities have been added.

After this success, the developers decided to try the birds as transformers, making new games for boys, various board games with old feathered heroes and modified old ones, improving their design and breathing new life. Therefore, we are waiting for new interesting games from Rovio, which would have liked to play, waiting for the evil birds again to go to the warpath with green pigs, but for now we are enjoying every interesting game with Engry Birds on the whole screen.


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